What is Responsibility?

What is Responsibility?

What is Responsibility?
What is responsibility? How to know if you are a responsible person or not? Can an irresponsible person really love? Can love survive without responsibility?
What is responsibility?

Responsibility is the ability to choose your path and care about your journey in that path till you reach its end, without giving up, without being distracted away from it.

Responsibility is the ability to set a goal and to reach it, do whatever it needs to achieve it, to give up sleep to achieve it, to plan and work hard until you attain your goal and finally make it.

Can an irresponsible person really love?

I don’t know, but what I know is that love is a path, love is a goal that needs sacrifice and hard work, that needs care and giving. Love is a plant that needs continuous watering and looking after it.

Love is an organization that in order to succeed, it needs strategies, vision, and hard work to achieve them.

But can an irresponsible person give up some sleep and laziness to express love, satisfy their partner needs, and work hard to achieve strategies of extraordinary love? The answer is No! With all the coldness they will always hurt their partner, leaving them frustrated, unsatisfied, and hurt while they feel with all coldness that there is no problem in them, no need to work on themselves, and no need to change. Do you know why they feel like that? Because they are not responsible for that love, and because it is not their responsibility to save and water that love for it to evolve every day.

If a person cannot carry the responsibility of love, then they are not in love. So an irresponsible person cannot love as they cannot carry the responsibility of love and save it.

An irresponsible person can only love if a miracle happens and miracles always do happen! A miracle of true real extraordinary love that transforms the person and all the aspects of their life. If they really truly love, they will become a responsible person. They will change and transform themselves for love and for saving that only love.

If a true real extraordinary love did not change an irresponsible person into a responsible person – if it did not rock their life and transform them – then that person did not love and never accepted love. But what they do not know is that love comes for you once in your life, if you do not keep it, choose it, and work hard to cultivate it, then it would go away searching for a new home, another person who can keep it, save it, help it evolve, and work hard to be responsible to keep that love alive, energetic, and happy.

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